Drunken Dreadlords Crew

Current Ranks:
Founding Members (Jäggerbomb, Grey Gooses):
Guild creators
Officers (Long Islands):
Trusted members. Promotion to this status is rare, and based soley on decision of founding members and other officers.
Veterans (Coronas):
People who have been around the guild for a long time, but are not quite as politically active as Officers.
Full Members (Labbat Blues):
After a trial period, trial members will be voted on by guild and promoted (if accepted) to full members. This rank gains access to guild bank items, tradeskilling discounts, etc.
Trial Members (Beer Wenches):
These members have just been admitted to the guild andare being evaluated on attitude, guild participation, and skill. These members will have restricted access to guild abilities until they are full members.

Full Clan listing found at: Drunken Dreadlords @ WoWrankings
Guild bank: Trader

Player Class Professions Rank AIM SN Alt Chars
Phrozt Mage Alchy / Herb Jäger Bomb dePhrozt Zubrovka
Healer Priest Tailor / Enchanter Grey Goose      
Warde Hunter Smith / Miner Grey Goose      
Dreadful Warlock Enchanter / Eng Long Island      
Melkor Shaman Skinner / Leather Long Island      
Katsumoto Warrior 26 Long Island      
Aides Priest Herb / Alchy Corona      
Siph Rogue 28 Corona      
Edna Warrior 28 Corona   Dvsaroku  
Terrick Shaman 42 Labbat Blue      
Nightmare Warlock 36 Labbat Blue      
Acidic Rogue 25 Labbat Blue      
Pokerface Druid 24 Labbat Blue      
Moktar Warrior 53 Beer Wench      
Bladestorm Warrior 52 Beer Wench      
Influx Rogue 46 Beer Wench      
Eline Mage 46 Beer Wench      
Finkel Rogue 27 Beer Wench      
Muni Warrior 40 Beer Wench      
Cronicleaf Hunter 19 Beer Wench      
Geistlich Mage 40 Beer Wench      
Jhay Mage 40 Beer Wench      
Khaboom Mage 38 Beer Wench      
Handsome Warrior 26 Beer Wench      

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