Drunken Dreadlords is an elite, tightknit group of dedicated people that combine high-end raiding (PVP, group instances, and guild instances) with a few laughs. A lot of us are different groups of ppl who know each other RL, so if you have a group of friends, one of the best places to be is with us. We are loyal and take care of each other, loot wise and otherwise. Our skills and education on the game are reaching their top, as most of the guild is now looking end-game right in the face. We are well organized in instances, and often find that partying w/other guilds is just not as effecient as keeping it in house. Our PvP skills are amazing, as we've defended many zones with just a few members from the guild.

Our goal is to have a guild large enough to have enough members online to attempt any instance while being small enough to include only the players good enough to complete them. Future plans for guild involve a point-based system awarding high-end items to those who attend guild functions and contribute to the guild the most.

- Level 35+ character on Stormreaver - Horde side.
- Ability to attend raids and instances with guild during
- Afternoon-night hours CST.
- Reliable and stable internet connection.
- Visit web site and message board at least 5 times a week.
- Decent level of skill and maturity.

Benefits to guild members:
- Loyalty
- An experienced PvP group
- An experienced PvE group
- Access to guild bank items/recipes/tradeskill items.
- Competant guildmates dedicated to high end quests and instances.
- Reduced-price and/or free tradeskilling.

Tailoring: 300 (Healer)
Enchanting: 300 (Healer)
Alchemy: 300 (Phrozt)
Blacksmithing (Weaponsmith): 255 (Warde)
Engineering: 260 (Pid)

Visit our Members page and click on each Character's trade skill for more detailed and up to date info on their skill level and ability

Current Ranks:
Founding Members (Jäggerbomb, Grey Gooses):
Guild creators
Officers (Long Islands):
Trusted members. Promotion to this status is rare, and based soley on decision of founding members and other officers.
Veterans (Coronas):
People who have been around the guild for a long time, but are not quite as politically active as Officers.
Full Members (Bud Lights):
After a trial period, trial members will be voted on by guild and promoted (if accepted) to full members. This rank gains access to guild bank items, tradeskilling discounts, etc.
Trial Members (Beer Wenches):
These members have just been admitted to the guild andare being evaluated on attitude, guild participation, and skill. These members will have restricted access to guild abilities until they are full members.

There are several ways to join Drunken Dreadlords. You can either stop by our forums at:, and sign up on the recruitment forum, or you could email with a request, or you could simply fill out the handy little form below. I would strongly hope you consider joining with the Drunken Dreadlords, as you won't regret it.

- Phrozt, Healer, Warde, and the Rest of the DD Crew

Character Name(s):


Character Classes(s):

Character Level(s):

You or your group's experience with MMORPGs:
Why you want to join Drunken Dreadlords:

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Last updated: Jan 2nd, 2005