As of right now, I really don't have much, but there are a few to mention:

The Grinding Guide. Formulated by myself and whatever other insight I collect from people, this guide should help people GRIND... as in.. not complete quests, but grind.

Cosmos. Latest releases of Cosmos can be found here.

WoW Rankings. Nice little plugin that displays all your info, kinda "fun" to get to work tho. Example: Phrozt.

How to use WoWrankings:
   - Sign up for an accnt
   - Go to "updater" on account settings
   - Download the software, and install it correctly
   - Run WoWrankings and let it update, set it to "do nothing" when it is loaded
   - Run wow.exe... NOT COSMOS (everytime you run cosmos it clears the wowranking stuff out so you have to re-dl all the crap before you can submit your char again)
   - Open guild tab
   - Type /wowr (you should see -WR- on the screen if it worked
   - Alt+tab and run wowrankings.exe. If it worked, you should see "updating <character> on Stormreaver" as it is loading.
   - Should update right away, but sometimes it takes awhile. Any other problems, msg me.

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