Welcome to the Drunken Dreadlords Tavern, where we serve up asskickings free of charge. We are a World of Warcraft guild on the hordeside of Stormreaver. More will be posted later, but for now, check out our forums... or me... on my horse...

Most of the page is up1.1.05
Ushering in the new year with a decent looking web page, and most of our guys in the 50s, the Drunken Dreadlords are doing pretty well, and the future is looking bright. Eh.. I just wanted to make a post on the first day of the new year ;P. The members page is still being updated, but I'm trying to get everyone to use wowrankings, so we can get a stat display for everyone. Also, we'll probably post highest tradeskills on the side of this main page, so people can see what we have to offer.
But anyway, Happy new years!! :)

- Phrozt

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